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13 June 2002

Today was a rainy day, and no doubt a welcome day of rest for the workers.
The only development today: one truck of sand arrived.

Sevashram and Sri Govinda Kunda progress

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June 2nd 2002

June 8th 2002

Sevashram and Sri Govinda Kunda progress so far in:

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Today's excerpt from: 'Sri Sri Prapanna-jivanamritam'

The illusion of bodily identification and mundane possessiveness is dispelled for the souls surrendered to the Lord in all respects--
"Due to their taking shelter of His lotus feet in all respects, those persons upon whom the Infinite Supreme Lord bestows His unreserved grace surpass the insurmountable illusory energy of the Lord. He does not favour those who ascribe the conceptions of 'I and mine' to this material body, which is food for jackals and hounds."

'Historic Service Opportunity,' a special appeal by Prabhu Devashis Adhikari, Secretary of the London Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math.

The Math home page is now available in Greek: This section of the Web is produced for the satisfaction of Srila Gurudev by Prabhu Trailokyanath and Aditi Devi Dasi, Greece.

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