Grand Inauguration Festival of the

Temple of Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Radha Gopinathjiu

Sri Chaitanya Sridhar Govinda Seva Ashram,
Sripat Bamunpara, West Bengal
. 11 December 2003

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History in the making. This is just the second time in over fifty years that Srila Govinda Maharaj has returned to Bamunpara.
Within the nat-mandir, too, Vaishnavas hear the addresses of Srila Gurudev and the honourable speakers.

Presently, with the nagar-sankirttan, fire-yajna, discourses and kirttan completed, the grand first arati to Their Lordships in Their new Temple takes place.

Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Radha Gopinathjiu. Sriman Gauranga Mahaprabhu has newly manifest His form from Nabadwip, while Sri Sri Radha Gopinathjiu have been worshiped ever since the time of Nityananda Prabhu.

Distributing charanamrita to the assembled pilgrims.

Then begins an afternoon of continuous Prasad distribution... countless souls, sitting after sitting.
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