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Sri Krishna Janmastami Night

20 August 2003
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Looking across from a balcony of Paschatya Sevak Bhavan to the nat-mandir. Lots of space for all to hear Krishna-kirttan.
From the side we now have a view all the way to the far side of the nat-mandir. Srila Guru Maharaj's Samadhi Mandir of is to the left.
Inside the nat-mandir the programme is continuous today.
Enthusiastic Kirttan.
The 1940's style microphone works remarkably well.
The Deities watch from Their Temple at the far end.
Kirttans and readings focusing on the Appearance of Lord Krishna.
Prabhu Bhudev Prabhu takes his turn to lead kirttan. Sripad Tirtha Maharaj is seated to the left.
At midnight, marking Lord Krishna's Appearance, The Lordships are offered bhoga, then arati is performed...
...with enthusiastic participation by one and all.
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