All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

My heart desire I express to you

Spoken by Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj on his veranda in Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Nabadwip, to a gathering of devotees from around the world and India.

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Duryodhana knows that Bhisma is not in favour of his group, that he is not happy with his group, but Bhisma promised, "I shall look after the throne of Hastina and I shall protect Hastina." Then by law what is happening in Hastina, as general vote is going for Duryodhana. Then Duryodhana became the king instead of Dhrtarastra, and Bhismadeva accepted it. And why? Because he won’t take the chair of the king.

Then who will be king? Someone has to be the king, so Dhrtarastra became king because the princes’ group was not yet adult. Then, after the circumstances came and by the will of Dhrtarastra the charge was given to Duryodhana. Then Bhismadeva was not happy with Duryodhana. In the group of Bhismadeva there are so many persons and they all are respecting Bhismadeva as their guardian, but by law here Duryodhana is the king, then everyone is following Duryodhana, unhappily or happily.

When the time came for the Battle of Kuruksetra, Duryodhana was the leader, but Bhisma was at that time the military general, the chief, and that position was given by Duryodhana to him, and he influenced Dhrtarastra: "What I shall do, that you accept." Then, on behalf of Dhrtarastra, Duryodhana is the king and he is managing everything. Then the time for the fight came between the two parties: the Kurus and the Pandavas. Both parties are fighting. So, who will be the leader there? No one can compete with Bhismadeva – not even Dronacharyya, not Karna, not even Krpacharyya – no one.

When Bhisma is present there, Bhisma is the leader. So Duryodhana gave to Bhismadeva, happily or unhappily, that charge and he told and he believed, "Bhisma will not willingly invite our defeat." Bhisma will fight but he is affectionate with the Pandavas. That is his minus-point. The plus-point is that he will fight heart and soul, but the minus-point is that he is affectionate with the Pandavas.

Anyhow the time for fighting on the battlefield came, and there the two parties were standing by. Raja Duryodhana at first did not go to Bhisma. I am quoting from the Srimad Bhagavad-gita, you know that. I am explaining in English. Here:

drstva tu pandavanikam, vyudham duryodhanas tada
acaryam upasangamya, raja vacanam abravit

Raja Duryodhana went to Dronacharyya who was the deputy chief of that battlefield and he told to Dronacharyya:

pasyaitam pandu-putranam, acarya mahatim camum
vyudham drupada-putrena, tava sisyena dhimata

atra sura mahesvasa... etc., etc.

"You see all the soldiers gathered here – many big, big heroes and many fighters – they all want to leave their body in the battlefield, that type of tendency they have. They all will fight for my satisfaction, everyone will fight. For your knowledge I am telling you that all our soldiers are ready to fight and the Pandavas’ soldiers are also ready to fight. Our soldiers are so big, eleven aksohini, and the Pandavas’ soldiers are seven aksohini." Then:

aparyaptam tad asmakam, balam bhismabhiraksitam
paryaptam tv idam etesam, balam bhimabhiraksitam

"Bhimasen is very brute and desperate to fight and he is the leader of that party. And this party, our leader is Bhismadeva. I know Bhismadeva is affectionate with the Pandavas but Bhismadeva will not cheat me. Then here is my suggestion (instruction) to you all: support Bhismadeva. I know that Bhismadeva will not kill the Pandavas, I know Bhismadeva is affectionate with the Pandavas, but Bhismadeva is our leader and Bhismadeva will fight as much as possible by him." Then:

bhismam evabhiraksantu, bhavantah sarva eva hi

"You all give your full support with your energy to Bhismadeva. This is my order. I am the King! And I am giving order to you all: give your full support to Bhismadeva."

This Question has come to me here

So, this question has come to me here: what do we want? We want the service to Guru Maharaj. We want to fulfil the desire of Guru Maharaj. We are living for the service to Lord Krishna through Guru Maharaj and we must be benefited with that devotional mood if we will try to proceed under the guidance of Gurudev, serving Guru Maharaj and Lord Krishna. Here the question has come to me: we may be of different groups, we may be of different type, of different mentality but we must consider that when service comes to us, then we will be together for the service to my Guru Maharaj.

Who is leader and who is not, that is not a question because I am the leader. Then I am giving suggestion (instruction) to you all: maybe there are some different opinions but this is not the time to realise and to follow our own desire, this is not bhakti. Bhakti will be when we will follow the guardian servitors for the service to Guru-Gauranga-Gandharva-Govindasundar.

Do you understand what I told? This is necessary.

Then, to whom I am giving service, "This service is for you," "This service for you," "This service for you." You must consider that this is coming from above and going to serve. I am giving charge to whom? Actually I am not giving charge to anyone. Practically I am getting inspiration, "This is necessary for our Mission’s service." Then I am thinking, "He will be able to do." Then I am asking to him, "Can you do it?" I am not pushing anyone. This is my nature. I never push because I am not habituated to push others.

You are seeing at present my health condition, my situation, my thinking – all are disturbed, but still I want to do my service with this physique. If necessary I shall tell to this person, "Come here," or, "Come here," but I am not telling (instructing), I am taking it (accepting the reply). Also in the time of Guru Maharaj all services happened like this. I tried to understand what was the desire of Guru Maharaj and tried to fulfil it, and who is helping or not helping I didn’t care because at that time I was physically fit and mentally fit. But at this time that nature is still with me but I cannot do that type of service any more. So I am requesting to everyone: try to fulfil the desire of Guru Maharaj, and Guru Maharaj’s Mission will be so big and bigger than big, like that. Big, bigger, big. And it is happening, you are seeing.

I am not instructing anything to Vijay Raman Prabhu. Only once I have given instruction to him, "This I want," and he is fulfilling my desire because I expressed it and that is his duty. And here also so many disciples of mine, and my god-brothers – to everyone present I am telling to them, "Not to consider who you are, what is your position or anything. Try to consider as possible by you how to proceed in the way of service, and do that." (Bengali: "Who is so big, or who is so small, this is only a matter of a few days. This is not the factor. The factor is how much can I give to Bhagavan, how much can I do for Guru-Vaisnava seva? This is the factor.") The factor is how much I can do. If we will proceed in that way, no problem will come to us.

Then someone you may not like, but when I am giving charge to him for this purpose, or for that purpose, or for that other purpose, you must give your energy there to serve Guru Maharaj through my desire. This is my request to you all.

bhismam evabhiraksantu, bhavantah sarva eva hi

Not to go (in the line of) antithesis, but go in the line of synthesis. When thesis comes to me then antithesis must grow, but not to follow the antithesis, but go to the synthesis, then again will come a big thesis.

This is my heart desire I have expressed it to you.

Today is our finishing day of this festival. Today is Panchamdol and Dolyatra of Gopinatha in Hapaniya and also the manifestation day of Gopinatha. For those whose health is well and can tolerate, they will try to go and see Gopinatha there and see in which way Gopinatha is enjoying with His ashram.

Spoken by Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj on his veranda in Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Nabadwip, to a gathering of devotees from around the world and India.

Transcribed by Krishna Kanta Devi Dasi of Italy.

2 April 2002: (Tues) 5 Vishnu. Krishna-panchami. Festival at Appearance Place of Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj, Sripat Hapaniya: Grand Appearance of the Holy Deities of Sripat Hapaniya, Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Radha Gopinathjiu at Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Ashram. Appearance of Tridandi Swami Srimad Bhakti Saran Santa Maharaj.

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