Gurudeva in London
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Dear Devotees and friends,

Dandavats. Now we have been in London for 6 days and we are very happy that we can have the holy association of Srila Govinda Maharaj. Fortunately his health is quite good and he is giving darshan once or twice a day.

Day by day more and more devotees arrive, so that sometimes the room is too small that even not all devotees can get the darshan of Srila Gurudev. Many devotees haven’t seen each other for a long time that’s why they are very glad to get this chance of this association.

Every day the devotees cook a delicious and sumptuous feast.  

Devotees have come from Ireland, Italy, Greece, U.S.A., Holland, Norway, Germany, Bosnia and of course from England.

Today, Saturday, was the initiation day, 6 first initiations and 6 second initiations. Pictures will be soon online when I am back in Germany: English: and German:

That’s all for now.
Your servant. Premanidhi das. 27 July evening

19th World Tour: London and Russia. For more info see

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And after the Tour, please keep in touch with our London, Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, so dear to all our Srila Gurudevas.
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Queen's Jubilee preaching, London, at the Kingston Green Fair. Pictures taken 3rd June 2002.

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