All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Acharyya Vandana

(Jayore jayore jaya Paramahamsa Mahasaya...)

Glorification of Bhagavan Sri Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupad.
Composed by Sri Gopal Govinda Mahanta of Srihatta, East Bengal.

This Kirttan is chanted here at the Math in particular on
His Divine Grace's Appearance and Disappearance Days.

(Translation arranged by Sripad Bhakti Prapanna Tirtha Maharaj in response to several enquiries.)

All glories repeatedly to His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Maharaj, the paramahamsa, the supremely merciful and the ultimate refuge for the lowly and fallen.

Having appeared in Nilachala, you came to Sri Gaura-mandala and demolished the conditioned souls’ fear of this material world by revealing the treasure of divine love.

I have no ability to sing your glories, but can do so if you empower me. For the welfare of this world you are untiringly engaged in practising and preaching unadulterated devotional service in the line of Sri Rupa Goswami.

In you I find the good qualities of Srila Narottam Thakur who had hallowed the sacred land of Khetari. I marvel to hear from you the essence of Scriptural conclusions presented so irrefutably to false arguers and speculators.

Men are afraid to see the principles of pure devotional service eclipsed by pseudo-religions. But you, by expertly shooting the arrows of genuine scriptural conclusions, have torn asunder such pseudo-religions and they engladdened the saintly men.

On reflecting that the sunshine of pure devotion was getting shrouded by the clouds of smarta doctrines, you churned the ocean of Vedic scriptures, raised a mighty tempest of bona-fide siddhanta and blew those clouds far away.

You have founded so many monasteries in different places with no motive to cheat but to teach the conditioned beings how to serve the Lord with love. The Vaisnavas of these monasteries are constantly distributing the nectarine words of the divine qualities of Lord Hari in this material world.

You have brought us the clear currents of the Mandakini River of pure devotion and cooled our lives, feverish with material woes. You have sent Vaisnavas, devoid of material possessions, to diverse lands for propagating the songs eulogising Lord Hari.

Just as in the past Lord Gaurahari had pricked the bubble of Mayavada and converted the inhabitants of Varanasi to Vaisnavism. You too, by means of your expert analysis of the subtle Vaisnava philosophy, have enraptured all in Varanasi.

You have determined, on the basis of scriptural evidence, the principles of Vedic varnasrama – the import of which is devotion to Lord Hari. It is you who explained that knowledge, yoga and activities, if averse to bhakti, are of absolutely no value.

You have achieved an exemplary feat by circumambulating the Holy Land of Sri Gaura-mandala in the association of devotees. This hallowed land – non-different from Vraja and resplendent with Divine Love – received publicity around the globe.

You have forgiven the offences of the demonic offenders of Kulia who had tortured you. Thereby you proclaimed to the world that those who constantly chant the Name of Lord Hari should be tolerant like a tree.

In the royal court of the world Vaisnava association you were adorned with the ‘Patraraja’ title [head of the assembly]. For the welfare of the world you have renounced all that you had, and are engaged in the good of all.

You are untiring in doing benevolence so that the conditioned souls receive the ultimate benediction of service to Lord Sri Krishna. They would then recuperate from the worldly disease, be enfranchised from the bondage of karma and attain to the Lotus Feet of Lord Hari.

Since living entities are lost in the slumber of false attachments, you are sending the ‘Gaudiya’ – messenger of the spiritual world – from door to door to awaken them. "Arise, arise of brethren, there is no time to be lost. ‘Serve Krishna,’" they call out aloud.

The nectarine verses glorifying the infallible Lord Krishna, issuing from your lotus mouth, soothe our souls, dissipate ignorance and illusion and rid our hearts of agony.

O Great Soul, I am well aware that there is no trace of desire for fame in your heart. Your qualities, like an expert musician, take hold of the vina of my voice and make me speak, devoid of power over myself.

I have heard from the saintly ones that the conditioned soul attains liberation upon glorifying the Vaisnavas. He moreover develops Krishna-bhakti, makes his birth perfect and crosses the material ocean with ease.

It is on this account that I endeavour thus, like a dwarf aspiring to reach the moon in the sky. But since you take no offence, I trust you will pardon my flaws, fallen and unqualified as I am.

Thakur Bhaktivinoda, Associate of Sri Gauranga and friend of the lowly and fallen, brought you, untarnished full moon, to this earth to dispel the ignorance of Kali Yuga.

So please keep on incessantly showering your mercy, the nectar of Divine Love, and let all creatures be rejuvenated and ecstatic. May all men on this earth dance in Harinam Sankirttan – this alone is the prayer of Vaisnava Dasa.