All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Italian Ashram: Appeal

06 February, 2003

by Krishna Kanta Devi Dasi on behalf of
the Italian devotees of Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math


Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Ashram Italia
Corte Giulini, 1
20040 Usmate-Velate (MI)
Phone: (039) 6829477

Pictures of the new Ashram.

Dear devotees and friends,

Please accept my most sincere dandavat pranams to your holy feet. As you probably already know, here in Italy we are purchasing a new house for the service of Sri Sri Guru Gauranga and Sri Bala Gopal Giriraj Govardhan. The new ashram is in the north of Italy, half an hour from Milan, in the countryside. The area is very beautiful, and the house is quite big: about 400 square meters, plus a garden of about 1000 square meters, with a beautiful view over a valley. Some work is needed before it is possible to enter, like putting in a heating system, painting, etc.

I have been asked by the Italian devotees to write this message to ask the help of whoever would like to help us in this service to Srila Gurudeva. At the end of February we will have to sign the agreement and pay the whole amount. The bank will give a loan which will cover most of the amount, but still some money will be missing. So, if anyone is interested to give his energy for this service, this is welcome.

We jumped in this service to Srila Gurudeva, confident in the Lord's protection ... please do not leave us alone!

You can send your contribution by bank transfer to the ashram account. Please enquire for details.

Your servant,

Krishna Kanta devi dasi

P.S. Please notify or foreword this message to everyone you think may like to help.

Pictures of the new Ashram

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